Ciao, Chicago: Bruchi in America

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CHICAGO–Another informal “travel vlog” featuring highlights from a day in Chicago. Music credit goes to Jordan Elgie, the song is called “Roses”.


The Little Globe Trotter:

A “Travel Vlog”

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PHOENIX– This is an informal “travel vlog” which features behind-the-scenes-style clips of some of the places featured in my photo gallery. All of this footage is from my time around my home and at university, as well trips to see friends and family. Music credit goes to EvenS, the song is called “Firenze”.

Barrett Mural Legacy Painting

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PHOENIX–At Lawn Gnome Publishing book store, a group of students from Arizona State University’s, Barrett, the Honors College, gathered on a Sunday morning to leave their mark on downtown Phoenix. Rachel McKay, a junior criminology and criminal justice student chatted about the event, explaining its importance both for the students and the community.

“This is just a Barrett event and all the freshmen were invited,” McKay explained. “But it’s kind of early on a Sunday and a lot of people have work on the weekends so not that many people came, we have about 20 or so.”

McKay said that the event first occurred her freshman year in 2013, but the mural created two years ago was vandalized, which led to the Barrett community choosing to host the event in junction with Lawn Gnome Publishing again.

“I think we are trying to make it an annual thing,” McKay said. “We are helping to beautify this area, because there’s a lot of vandalism around this side of Roosevelt. So, we’re just helping Lawn Gnome bond with ASU and the art scene.”

McKay pointed out that while it was the Barrett administration who approached the students with the idea of doing something for the community, for the freshmen participating in the event, it was much more than just a social event.

“It’s cool for them to see Roosevelt Row in this aspect,” McKay said. “They’ve been there for First Fridays and different art things, so now they’re getting to be a part of it and joining that community that’s Roosevelt Row Arts District.”

Phoenix’s Restaurants on Wheels:
Food Truck Friday

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PHOENIX- On a Friday morning, passing the Phoenix Public Market on Central Avenue means being greeted by a low rumble of trucks, wafting scents of food, and long, chattering queues of people.

The weekly event is known as Food Truck Friday and it has existed for almost four years, according to Tonya Saidi, owner of Mamma Toledo’s The Pie Hole.

“You have to be a part of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition to be a truck that participates in Food Truck Friday,” Saidi explained when discussing her involvement. “Some of the guidelines for the food truck coalition are that you’ve got to try and buy as many products as you possibly can that are local. So that’s something that adds to the community, we all try to resource from each other.”

Functioning as mobile restaurants, food trucks are part of the movement to help end Phoenix’s classification as a food desert, as the Phoenix Street Food Coalition’s mission statement is “to provide education, advocacy, collaboration, events and promotion of specialty foods through responsible street vending”.

“I’ve been in business for five years, and I’ve had my food truck for four years,” said Saidi. “I love it…as a coalition in itself, it helps in all different areas. It provides the community with more personable care with food.”

Photo/Video Credit: Tea Francesca Price
Music: Kevin MacLeod